OSHMH March 21, 2022 Minutes

Town of South Hero
South Hero Meeting House – Renovate & Adaptive Reuse Project

Date: Monday, March 21,2022 – Steering Committee in person at the Worthen Library & on Zoom

Call to Order: 2:00 PM by David Carter, Chair

Attendees on ZOOM: Emily Klofft-NRPC,

Attendees in person at Worthen Library: David Carter, Pamela Surprenant, Mary Harwood – Town Consultant, Linda Seavey, Michael Carroll, Sandy Gregg- PC,

Absent: Sarah Kjelleran, Beth Curtis-Granny’s Attic, Carol Tremble, Terry Robinson, Noni Stewart

1. Introductions

2. Status of South Hero Foundation
• ByLaws are done.
• Balance at New England Federal Credit Union = $523.80
• Little Green Light (LGL) and Stripe (online donation portal) are set up.
• Marty Kiser is provider Treasurer mentorship, thanks to Marty for this support.
• Planning two (2) Outreach events “Community Cheers & Cheese”; last week of June & first week of Aug and offer to partner with this group to gather community input and vision. Plans include having the Grannies offer tours of the building and sell during the 2 events; Worthen Library grill brats/hotdogs as fund-raiser; SnowFarm & Two Heroes to do tastings and sell; Rec Commission to host a tent (10×10) to present plans for Town Rec Park behind the Meeting House. SHLT could also be involved. Real potential to make this a fun Community Event.
• NEED Flyer for posting & PR
• DATES: Tentatively Monday June 27th, 4-6 PM and Monday Aug 22nd, 4-6 PM
• Note: Blue Paddle will offer % of sales as support for the Meeting House Project! Confirmed w/Mandy by SG.

3. Status of Grants
• VCDP Grant still to back from attorney! Priority: David C. to follow-up immediately.
• NEPA Grant – work continues on this. Mary H., Sandy G, Linda S
• Bruhn SubGrant – emailed to Lisa Ryan.

4. Discuss Meeting with Architect (A&S): David met with Rebecca Arnold and went over the creative options that the group came up with. Rebecca has a better understanding of our needs. She will work on a 2nd conceptual plan and get back to us. No time was given on when that would be.
• Ramp will be on the exterior
• More circulation on the 1st floor
• Kitchen open to meeting space to serve community meal
• No dishwasher and more like the Library kitchen
• Elevator about the same location
• A&S to investigate if there can only 1 HDA bath on 1st floor not 2.
• New stair design

5. Granny’s Attic occupancy this summer 2022:
• At this time it appears as though the Granny’s will have a full selling season this summer into early fall.
• When 1st floor is installed in the community space (Phase #1) it will not be available for use or storage.
• Robin W. asked about clarifying Granny’s future use of the Meeting House as he has been told by someone that the Granny’s will not be allowed back into the building. To be clear, once again, David C. confirmed the Grannys will be moving back upstairs in the Meeting House as soon as possible. Further, the Grannys are being included in all aspects of the project. Regarding the Red building; the Grannys will be able to continue to use this space during Phase #1.

6. Old Business
• PR: Mary H. asked if we should have a newsletter. All responded that we should. Mary H. will do the follow-up & develop one.
• Vermont Community Foundation Letter of Introduction of the project: Mary H. will compose and do follow-up by next meeting (April 4th).
• Linda S. researched similar buildings. All the sizes are fairly similar. Many have been repurposed into music only venue, summer use only, multi-use spaces incorporating Town Offices etc.

7. New Business: None

8. Next Meeting: Monday April 4th at 2:00 PM via Zoom and in-person at Worthen Library – Community Room (lower level). Note: we liked this meeting space better and Keagan set us up with Zoom on the big screen TV so viewing the screen was better quality. Thank you, Keagan! The OWL device was signed out from the Town Office, sound was great. Keagan saw how well it worked and is investigating getting one with ARPA funds that the Library may have remaining.

9. Adjourned: 2:59 PM

Respectfully submitted by,
Sandy Gregg, Scribe