May 23, 2022 Minutes

Selectboard Minutes
Regular Meeting of Monday May 23, 2022 at 7:00 PM
At South Hero Town Hall and via Zoom

Board Members Present: David Carter/Chairman, Skip Brown/Board Secretary, Ross Brown/Vice Chairman, Anne Zolotas, Chuck Hulse
Board Members Not Present: none
Others Present: Naomi King, Town Clerk, Martha Taylor-Varney, ZA. Also see sign in sheet of in person and active Zoom participants. Attendance SB 05-23-2022

1. Called to Order:
-The meeting was called to order by Chairman Carter at 7:00 pm

2. Adjustment to Agenda:

3. Minutes:
-Ross Brown made a motion to acknowledge the minutes of the meeting of May 9, 2022. The motion was seconded, all in attendance at the last meeting so voted and the motion carried.

4. Public input:
A. Bridgett Kerr commented on Town transparency, as she couldn’t find the minutes to the May 4, 2022 PC meeting. She also wondered if DRB decisions would be posted on the Town website, as they are now only available posted in Town Hall. South Street has “fog lines” painted. They are faded from Route 2 to Landon Rd. The State is in charge of the road paint, and they did not have paint in 2021. Ross Brown will check with the Road. Dept. to try to get an update on when painting will occur.
B. Ann Quinn heard a rumor that sidewalks may be planned for South St. She questions how that would impact South St. The Board has no knowledge of how this rumor started and she was assured that no sidewalks are planned for South St. at this time.
C. Joan Falcao mentioned that a survey for the 2023 Town Plan update is scheduled to be ready by June 1, 2022. She feels that the draft survey is not ready to be presented and that it is too general. She would like to see that more details be included. Note that the PC hired NRPC to help with the Town Plan update and that some of the items still need to be addressed. There is a timeline in order for the 2023 Town Plan to be finished in time.
D. Bob Fireovid wondered why “discuss recreation program manager job description” is on the agenda. The concern is that the Recreation Commission volunteers are too busy to coordinate all of the tasks necessary, and that this was mentioned at the last Selectboard meeting. Hence the agenda item. See below for the job description.
E. Phil Reynolds is concerned where the Village Zoning Districts are currently outlined in the zoning regulations. He feels that they are too large. They may be addressed in the new Town Plan, but are in effect now. Note that the NRPC was hired by the PC to help with the 2023 Town Plan and that most of the expense is being paid with a grant. Note that the Town Plan will be voted on by South Hero voters when it is complete.

5. New Business:
A. Jay Clark of Encore Renewable Energy discussed a possible solar array project on 20 acres in the Lavin Property at 275 Route 2. He is here to let the Town know that they are proposing approx. 5600 solar modules on 14 acres that should produce approx. 2.2 megawatts of electricity. As to the property, it is already subdivided and that lot line adjustments would have to occur for a 20 acre lot to be available. Encore would also have to apply to the Public Utilities Commission for a certificate of public good in order for a project like this to happen. More info will be available as this will need DRB approvals. Should it happen, it would probably be 18-24 months before it came online.
B. Guy Maguire of the South Hero Land Trust (SHLT) and the Recreation Trails Subcommittee discussed a proposed “Robinson Trail” from Tracy Rd. to South St. The group is working on a trail agreement between the landowners and the Town. A trail agreement is less formal than an easement over the land and can have a finite timeline to see if such a trail is viable. Also, the trail is proposed in a wetland buffer zone, so the State will also have to be agreement that it can happen. More info will follow.
C. Anne Zolotas will coordinate the July 4 parade. The theme this year will be Volunteerism. All are welcome to participate in the parade and volunteers to help out are welcome.

6. Administrative Assistant Report:
A. See the written report filed with these minutes (Below on the website or in Town Hall).

7. Old and Ongoing Business:
A. Sandy Gregg discussed a possible grant for a bicycle and pedestrian Scoping Study. The grant application would be for $50,000.00 with a $10,000.00 match. The match was not budgeted for. Should ARPA funds be available for the grant, then the consensus of the Board is to apply for it.

8. Announcements and Communications:
A. See other business

9. Other Business:
A. Ross Brown made a motion to approve and sign orders 22-24 and to pay the bills associated with the orders. The motion was seconded, all in attendance so voted and the motion carried.
B. Town Clerk/Treasurer updates: none
C. Recreation Commission (RC) update: Chuck submitted a job description for a Recreation Commission Coordinator. See attached Recreation Coordinator. The Board will review it and discuss it at a future meeting. Ross Brown made a motion to Appoint David Lane to the Recreation Commission. The motion was seconded, all in attendance so voted and the motion carried.
D. Road Department update: The Road Dept. has purchased a skid steer with a sweeping attachment. This will be used to clear sand from the road sides and intersection. The plan is to use it after a rain so not too much dust will occur. The culvert on Tracy Rd. is clogged with a beaver dam. The State has been contacted and the excavator may be used to help clear it.
E. Old South Hero Meeting House (OSHMH): The preliminary plans for an addition have been submitted. More info on Public outreach will follow.
F. ARPA fund updates: None at this meeting.
G. Skip Brown made a motion to approve and sign Grand Isle Sheriff contract. The motion was seconded, all in attendance so voted and the motion carried.
The motion was seconded, all in attendance so voted and the motion carried.
H. Anne Zolotas made a motion to go into executive session for personnel matters at 9:10 pm. The motion was seconded, all in attendance so voted and the motion carried. Executive session ended at 9:20 pm. No action was taken after executive session.

10. Adjournment:
-Ross Brown made a motion to adjourn 9:21 pm. The motion was seconded, all in attendance so voted and the motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,                                          Approved by,

_______________________________ ________________________________
Graham Brown                                                       David Carter, Chairman

Administrative Officer’s Report to Selectboard May 23, 2022
Discussion Items:
1. There is a VLCT webinar scheduled for tomorrow (May 24th) on Regulating Cannabis. I will be attending. Planning Commission members have expressed interest. I hope to get more information on what the Towns can regulate and what they cannot. I’ve had a number of building permit applications for greenhouse facilities.
2. I received an email from Kasey Kathan, an analyst with the State Solid Waste Management program. She will be providing State oversight and support for the South Hero Landfill PFAS investigation. She sent a letter outlining the next steps after the submission of the initial PFAS site investigation completed by VHB last year. Kasey has offered to meet with the Selectboard to go over the next steps, if you choose. I will forward the report to the SB members and it will be attached to this report under SB Minutes on the Town website. As reported at the last meeting, Kurt Muller of VHB will be the new project manager for the South Hero landfill 2021 PFAS investigation.
3. The Zoning Office will be closed Thursday, June 2 and Monday, June 6th.
Planning Commission
2023 Town Plan discussion — The Commission has scheduled public outreach opportunities for June 27 and August 22, to be referred to as “Community Cheers and Cheese.” Three additional outreach opportunities will be at the Farmers’ Market on June 22, July 13, and August 17.
Development Review Board
1. The next meeting will be May 25. This meeting includes 2 setback waiver hearings. DRB hearings are currently scheduled through the second DRB meeting in June. I don’t anticipate the schedule slowing down throughout the summer.
2. The site plan review for the redevelopment of the old Sand Bar Inn lot at 59 US RT 2 will continue on June 9. There has been a lot of interest and concern about the safety of the location for pedestrians crossing the road there to the marinas on the north side of RT 2. Would the Selectboard agree to sign a letter of support for a crosswalk and/or other mitigation to improve the safety in that section of US RT 2?

Respectfully submitted,
Martha Taylor-Varney, ZA and Asst. to the Selectboard