March 25, 2024 Minutes

SOUTH HERO SELECTBOARD MINUTES                                                               March 25, 2024


Members Present – David Carter (Chair) David Lane (Vice-Chair), Ross Brown, Anne Zolotas (via Zoom).

Member Absent – Skip Brown

Others Present – Doug Patterson; Joan Falcao; Michael Frett; Peter Zamore; Cynthia Kelley; Tim Maxham; Heidi Chamberlain; Bob Buermann; Lyle Johnston (via Zoom); Tyler Wren (via Zoom); Don Bedard (via Zoom).


Call to Order

  1. Carter called the meeting to order at 7PM.


Adjustment to Agenda

There were none.


Acknowledgement of Minutes

  1. Brown moved to approve the minutes of March 11, 2024; D. Lane second. All those in attendance approved.


Public Input

Heidi Chamberlain of Island Craft Shop asked the Board about this season’s contract and what the rent will be.  D. Carter asked her to discuss it with Town treasurer Kim Julow and a decision will be made at the next meeting.  This will be added to the April 8, 2024 SB agenda.


New Business and Invited Guests

  1. Farm to Fork Bicycle Event Lane recused himself from this discussion. Tyler Wren spoke to the Board about the Farm to Fork bicycle event, scheduled for this summer on July 14 to be hosted by Snow Farm Winery. They anticipate 600 to 700 participants.  The event will start at 9:15am with the first wave of riders leaving the farm.  There will be various route distances throughout the Islands and the organizers anticipate that the ride will conclude by 5PM.  The Sheriff’s Department supports the event.
  2. Brown moved to approve the event; D. Carter second. All those in attendance approved (D. Lane abstained).


  1. Conservation Committee/Green-Up DayCynthia Kelley of the Conservation Commission requested a dumpster for the May 4 event. The Town will order a dumpster to be placed at the school.
  2. Reappointment of Bob Buermann to the Northwest VT Solid Waste Management District Lane moved to reappoint Bob Buermann to the NWSWMD; R. Brown second. All those in attendance approved.
  3. Camp Hochelaga Lyle Johnston, Assistant Director of Camp Hochelaga, asked the SB for permission to hang a banner on Town property for about a month in May or late April/early May. The banner will publicize that registration for summer sessions is open.  The Board agreed to allow it to be placed at the town office.  Lyle also informed the SB that the camp will be having an event on eclipse day (April 8).   They have parking for150-200 vehicles on-site.  They plan to monitor the road and right-of-way leading to the camp to prevent parking along those.


Reports of Town Administrator and Zoning Administrator

These will be attached to the minutes when posted on the Town website.


Ongoing and Old Business

  1. Review draft to Town Hall Building Committee “charge” Lane presented a draft of the committee’s charge to the Board. Minor additions were made.   A. Zolotas told the Board that the previous feasibility study committee had perhaps overstepped their mandate by choosing a location for the new building, but that their work had set a foundation for the new building committee.  D. Carter said that the Board will need to meet with those who have expressed interest in being on the committee, tentatively scheduled for late in the week after Easter (3/31).  Joan Falcao asked if the charge will be online. Yes, attached to the minutes.  Doug Patterson stated that there was nowhere in it about the committee working with NRPC regarding the planning grant the Town had received for this.  He feels that the committee needs to be independent and should not have Selectboard members on it.   The Board disagreed.
  2. Zolotas moved to adopt the amended guidelines for the building committee; R. Brown second. All those in attendance approved.


Announcements and Communications

  1. The Farmers Market donation request – No letter available. Will be put on the agenda for the next meeting.
  2. Old White Meeting House – D. Carter asked the Board to approve a letter asking for support from Sen. Peter Welch’s office for allocation of Federal grants for the Meeting House restoration.
  3. Brown moved to approve the letter; D. Lane second. All those in attendance approved.


  1. South Hero Village has been listed in the National Historic Registry.
  2. Ads requesting bids for mowing and for the salt shed roof appeared in the March 21 issue of the Islander.
  3. The County budget for FY2025 was recently approved and is available in the Town Clerk’s office.
  4. A public hearing to close out the $60,000 grant that South Hero received from the Vermont Community Development Program will be held at the regular Selectboard meeting on April 8, 2024.


Other Business and standing agenda items

  1. Sign orders Lane moved to accept and sign order #24-20; R. Brown second. All those in attendance approved.
  2. Liquor licenses – licenses were presented for:
  • Keeler Bay Variety Lane moved to approve; R. Brown second.
  • Simon’s Brown moved to approve; D. Lane second.
  • Jolly’s Brown moved to approve; D. Lane second.

All those in attendance approved of the above motions.

  1. Review/sign the Capital Program and Budget Policy Lane moved to accept the policy and sign it; R. Brown second. All in attendance approved.
  2. Recreation Commission – the Commission proposed raising the cost of a non-resident White’s Beach pass from $50 to $70 and raising the number of available passes from 50 to 70. Lane moved to accept the Commission’s proposal; R. Brown second.  All those in attendance approved.
  3. Road Department update – the Selectboard signed the Annual Financial Plan for Town Highways (per 19 VSA Chapter 306) and the Certification of Compliance for Town Road and Bridge Standards and Network inventory.
  4. Old South Hero Meeting House – The Meeting House Committee is looking at federal grants and is starting a new fundraising campaign.
  5. ARPA – nothing to report.
  6. Wastewater Committee update Peter Zamore The committee hosted a public outreach meeting at the Library on February 27.  The meeting reviewed the background of the committee and identified potential areas for wastewater systems related to the environmental benefits, and potential for housing and/or new businesses.  They concentrated on the 2 village areas, concluding that South Hero village may have a suitable site for a communal wastewater system (Allenholm plus a possible additional area), and systems in Keeler Bay village would most likely need to remain individual systems.   Allenholm is subject to a conservation easement with the Vermont Land Trust.  The school has a pre-existing right to a replacement location at Allenholm.  An engineering report will be prepared to a future project can move forward should the opportunity arise. The report will need to identify possible locations and alternatives.  The Town will not be able to use the $1.4 million ARPA fund allocation or the $700,000 Vermont Community Development appropriation that had been previously awarded because it is unable to meet the required deadlines.  The committee will continue efforts for possible future funding.

Zolotas moved to support Allenholm as the location for the Town to consider for a future wastewater site for South Hero village; R. Brown second.  All those in attendance approved.



8:08pm – R. Brown moved to adjourn; D. Lane second.  All in attendance approved.


Respectfully submitted

Martha Taylor-Varney, ZA



Signed: ____________________________________________ Date: ______________________

For the Selectboard


These minutes are unofficial until approved at the next regularly scheduled meeting.  All motions were unanimous unless otherwise indicated.



Charge for the New Town Hall Building Committee