January 31,2022 OWMH Minutes

South Hero Meeting House – Renovate & Adaptive Reuse Project

Date: Monday, January 31,2022 – Steering Committee in person & on Zoom

Call to Order: 3:00 PM by David Carter – Chair

Attendees on ZOOM: David Carter-Selectboard, Mary Harwood – Town Consultant, Linda Seavey, Beth Curtis-Granny’s Attic, Sarah Kjelleran, Pamela Surprenant, Michael Carroll, Carol Tremble, Terry Robinson, Robin Way-CIDER, Bev Blakely-Granny’s Attic, Nate Hayward, Emily Klofft-NRPC, Sandy Gregg- PC

Public Present: Rebecca Arnold-Arnold & Scangas

1. Report from Arnold & Scangas – Rebecca Arnold
• Proposed conceptual plans presented by Rebecca Arnold.
• 24 inch difference between entry and first level.
• Addition: 2 toilets are required on the first floor to serve the assembly area.
• Addition: Code requires an enclosed stairway and the plan shows it on the north side.
• Addition: Second floor has 1 bathroom and a small meeting room (~ 24 x 13 ft)
• Addition: the elevator (not required by ADA, historic building factor).
• Addition: first floor has kitchenette
• Addition: ~ 952 sf.
• Meeting Hall: first floor ~36 x 38 ft
• Full 8 ft basement
• Section 106 Historic Research is being handled through A&S by Lyssa Papazian. Lyssa is also handling the Letter of Eligibility required for National Historic Registry (see below).
• Stages to consider: 2nd Stage Addition (includes plumbing & mechanical systems), 3rd Stage renovating existing 2nd floor space.
• Electrical needs updating throughout.
• $275,000 covers raising the building.

Discussion points:
A. ​Nate H. shared he had met with Vtrans & Highway Dept. and drainage is a concern in the east parking area where there already exists a catch basin which is not functioning well. He recommends perimeter drain around the MH foundation with a sump pump into the catch basin.
B. Consider kitchen use.
C. Consider rental options and costs involved or resulting from, i.e. property being reinstated to property tax roll, maintenance, rental contract etc.
D. Beth C. asked if the Grannys could have book shelves in the from foyer. Rebecca A. responded the Fire Marshall would advise on that.
E. Space use requires further discussion and prioritizing.
F. Lobby use needs defining. Public toilet needed? Closet needed?, Display wall units, pegs and boot trays etc.
G. Public toilet: consider the use by proposed Town Park people. Should the park have its own public toilets? They are quite different uses and require different maintenance/cleaning needs.
H. If the 2nd floor becomes public assembly space then a sprinkler system is required.
I. Threshold for public assembly is 50 people.

Rebecca was instructed to HOLD until she hears back from the committee through spokesperson David Carter.
2. 501(c)(3) Update: Mary Harwood reported
• Received FEIN# 87-4720313
• Continuing to draft By-Laws
• Next meeting is Monday February 14th at noon.

3. Grant News – Mary H. reported
• Paul Bruhn Grant announced so PR is being created.
• Mary will send a Project Description to the Vermont Community Fund to inspire donors.

4. Other Business
• Article 7: Talk up support to vote “YES” to raise through taxes up to $150,000 for the Meeting House Foundation & Stabilization Project. Post your support on Front Porch Forum.

5. Next Meeting: Monday Feb 21, 5:00 PM via Zoom due to Covid concerns.

6. Adjourned: 4:36 PM

Respectfully submitted by,
Sandy Gregg, Scribe