April 4, 2022 OSHMH Minutes

Town of South Hero
South Hero Meeting House – Renovate & Adaptive Reuse Project

Date: Monday, April 4,2022 – Steering Committee in person at the Town Office & on Zoom

Call to Order: 2:05 PM by David Carter, Chair

Attendees on ZOOM: Emily Klofft-NRPC, Linda Seavey, Sarah Kjelleran

Attendees in person at Town Office: David Carter-Chair, Pamela Surprenant, Mary Harwood – Town Consultant, Beth Curtis-Granny’s Attic, Michael Carroll, Robin Way, Terry Robinson, Bev Blakely-Granny’s Attic, Sandy Gregg- PC,

Absent: Carol Tremble, Noni Stewart

1. Introductions

2. Grant Updates – Mary Harwood reported
• Spoke with Rebecca Ellis-Peter Welch’s office. She is a great source of helpful information.
• Community Project Funding grant deadline is April 18th! We can apply then decide which grant round we would need for Phase #2. it requires a lot of paperwork and tracking as Federal funds are in play. Someone in the Town Office would have to be involved.
• Town must prioritize the Meeting House Project as #1 on their list of Town projects. Discussion followed and David C. stated he had no problem with that and did not see any other project with the same urgent need. Further, he said that the proposed Rec Park probably is in the early stages of planning and would likely not roll out until next year.
• Need cost estimate for Phase #2. The Committee appeared to agree that the next phase should prioritize getting the Grannys back into the 2nd floor of the main building. Therefore, the main, original building should be Phase #2. No vote was taken, there was, however, general consensus.
• Spoke with Bernie Sanders’ office. Provided information and they will get back to Mary after they do evaluation.
• Note: the same project can be used in applying for a grant from both Welch & Sanders. If accepted, the two offices will decide which pool of funding best fits. Nice feature.

3. Contract Renewals
• VCDP Grant: Attorney told both David & Emily that his letter should arrive Tuesday April 5th.
• VCDP Grant needs extension: Emily K. requested it be extended until Sept 30th.
• A&S contract needs extension: Emily K. did a letter to them requesting an extension until June 30th to get their part completed.
• NEPA Grant – work continues on this. Mary H., Sandy G, Linda S
• Bruhn SubGrant completed & emailed to Lisa Ryan.

4. Funds & Financials:
• Town Treasurer reports stated the current fund balance is $18,499.54
• Private funds raised to date (Little Green Light database) = $22,573.20
• South Hero Foundation funds = $526.80

5. Granny’s Attic Meeting:
• Saturday, April 9, 2022 at 10:00 AM at Bev Blakely’s. David C. & Sandy G. plan to attend. Anyone else from the Committee is welcome to attend also.
• Purpose: establish means of “direct communication”.
• Thank you to Sam Hilliger for the wonderful article in the Islander. It is a reminder of the impact the Granny’s have on our community.
• This summer will be the Granny’s 69th summer!

6. Community Cheers & Cheers Events; Community Outreach & Involvement
• Dates & Time: Monday, June 27th, 4-6 PM at The South Hero Meeting House
Monday, Aug 22nd, 4-6 PM at The South Hero Meeting House
• Tables for: Set-up 3:00 PM. Participants provide their own tents, signage etc.
1. This Committee – with most recent plans, Next Steps, Comments/suggestions Box etc.
2. SH Rec Commission share with SHLT – proposed plans for Rec Park, new trails etc.
3. Planning Commission – Town Plan Outreach & Community Engagement
4. SnowFarm Vineyard – Wine tasting & sales – confirmed
5. Two Heroes Brewery & Public House – Beer tasting & sales – confirmed
6. Kids activity table – Sarah K and maybe Folsom art teacher?
7. Hoping Granny’s Attic open for sales/ willing to show interior of Meeting House, old school evidence. etc.
8. Oh, and CHEESE! – Sandy G.
9. Traffic control: Sandy G. will talk with Fire & Rescue.
10. Live Music? Sandy G. will contact SnowFarm for recommendations.
11. PR campaign : Sandy G., Mary H, and Sarah K.

7. Old Business:
• Living History: Record Malcolm Allen experiences going to school in the Meeting House. Terry R.
• Reminder: send all PR articles and photos to Mary H. to be used on the website.
• Thermometer idea: Phase 1 is pad for. We should wait until Phase 2 is 1/3 to 1/2 paid for. Rationale: do not want to discourage folks or wear them out.
• Need Front Porch Forum post about reminding folks about donations and making the check out to “South Hero Foundation, Inc.” PO Box 441, South Hero, VT 05486. Include applied for 501C3 IRS tax status. Also, ask if folks wish to become part of this new community-minded group. Possibly quote the mission statement? Michael C. to do post.

8. New Business:
• Historic Preservationist, Lyssa Papazian will be here Wed, April 6th at 11:00 AM to tour the Meeting House. David and Sandy will meet her there, let her in etc. The Grannys are aware and both Bev B. and Beth C. agreed they do not need to attend.
• A&S 2nd round of Plans update: David C. met with Rebecca Arnold-A&S. We can expect the next round of plans soon. Remember, they are works in progress.

9. Next Meeting: Monday May 16 at 2:00 PM via Zoom and in-person at Town Office

10. Adjourned: 2:59 PM

Respectfully submitted by,
Sandy Gregg, Scribe