Agenda, Trails Committee meeting, Thursday, December 16 , 6:30 PM, Town Offices

Agenda, Trails Committee meeting, (sorry for the short rescheduling notice)
Thursday, December 16 , 6:30 PM, Town Offices — we are assuming that this can be a hybrid meeting” (mixed: remote and in person) – we’ll let you know
1) Selection of “minutes taker”
2) South Hero Walkability/Bikability Group
A) group of interested trails subcommittee and Recreation Commission members plus “out-of-town” (nonresident) planners and advisors
a) Strong interest in safe routes to school as well as nonmotorized travel about town in the interest of safety and healthy physical activity
3) Review of trails and plans for trails
A) Concept of “shared use paths”
B) Specific trails
i) Robinson Farm Trail
recent route walk with Steve Robinson
ii) Keeler Bay Park Trail
iii) Rt 2 sidewalk or Shared Use Path
iv) South St sidewalk ? shared use path
v) path parallel to south street between Rt 2 and Folsom School Rec Park — similar routes have been named “Lavin Trail”, described in other documents
4) Review of “Hosting Public Trails on your Property”
Try downloading this from Oct 5 e-mail from Guy
5) Other Business