Zoning Board of Adjustment

As of January 1 2017, the Zoning Board of Adjustment has been replaced by the Development Review Board.

All information below is available for archival purposes only.

Zoning Board of Adjustment Members:

Timothy Maxham, Chair (Term Expires: 10/2018)
Janice Fetsch  Vice Chair (Term Expires: 10/2017)
Paula Delano, Clerk (Term Expires: 10/2019)
Ross Brown  (Term Expires: 10/2019)
Jim Baker (Term Expires: 10/2019)
Kent Goodwin  (Term Expires: 10/2017)
Sherry Corbin (Term Expires: 10/2018)
Alayne Rabow (alternate) (Term Expires: 10/2019)

Current posted meeting cancellations:
August 12, 2015