Sept. 13, 2022 Rec. Comm. Minutes


Recreation Committee Meeting

September 13, 2022 at 630 PM at the Town Beach

Meeting was postponed because of inclement weather.

Present at the meeting: David Lane, Dylan Degree and Carol Tremble.

As a quorum was not reached, discussions were held regarding infrastructure plans at the beach.

The three attendee created a Beach Task force and surveyed the area for the additions we have been discussing. We unanimously agree on the following recommendations:

1. Playground equipment-plenty of room at the west end of the grassy area for a 30 x20 playground and to purchase the set Dylan has found for $2500.

2. One additional swinging bench the same as we now have to be placed east of the current one with a view between two trees-$2,000

3. Volleyball area needs more sand and leveling and Dylan has researched the cost to be about $3000

4. Trim the weeds and brush around the sign and recommend moving the sign closer to the road to open up more area. Road crew to do

5. Wooden picnic table needs new boards and we suggest two more plastic tables at $500 each.

6. We looked at the area for potential fire pits as suggested by Jessica and discussed cleaning out the ashes might be a task to be assigned and we recommend putting the firepits on hold for future.

7. We like the suggestion of a raft but would have to have a sturdy mooring or the raft may drift in as the buoys are want to do. Recommend putting on hold.

8. Trees seem to be leaning into grassy area and have dead limbs- We recommend having a forester look at them and report on their health.

9. The fence is showing signs of rot and broken areas so we recommend replacing it in the near future.