Sept. 12, 2023 Rec Comm Minutes

1. Call to order 7:18

2. Adjustments to the agenda, Pick a date to remove buoys

3. Acknowledgment of previous meeting minutes, Approved

4. Public Q&A and Updates

· Sandy Gregg will spearhead crosswalk painting by school.

· Guy McGuire. Did not get funding as is. Boardwalk will be removed and will reapply. For now, we can lay down gravel on path entrances.

. Town trail. Ask town about easement.

5. Discussion Items

. Sharp Cuts will charge $1200 to cut plants along path.

· Installing swing at Town Beach. Dylan will check with Ross Brown.

· Follow-up for Jeff Sikora and Peter Johnson – Still waiting for confirmation for sledding hill at the corner of Town Line Road and Sweeney Farm Road and off-street parking to support.

· Town Park timeline – Nate sent update. Things are progressing. More discussion to follow

· Floating Dock Phil- Jessica will follow up.

Fence repair. Beach fire rings.

· Ski program – how we use the $6k budget, transportation, background checks, etc.

Updates on programs

· Swim Lessons. Carol- 10 kids participated

· Family Bike Excursions – Carol looking into Catamount Outdoor Family Center

· SHRC Winter Activities Planning

6. Agenda Items for the October meeting: Budget, Fire rings, Learn to Sail, Ski and Ride, Fence, Winter activities.

7. Adjournment 8:27