October 23, 2023 Agenda

Selectboard Agenda
Regular Meeting of Monday
October 23, 2023
In Town Hall, at 7:00 PM
Or Zoom: sign into
For the 2nd Monday of the month, this is the sign in: 946 0312 5738 – Use Passcode: 077949
For the 4th Monday of the month, this is the sign in: 984 1698 7296 – Use Passcode: 799123
David Carter, Chairman
Chuck Hulse​​​​​​​ – Ross Brown
Anne Zolotas​​​​​​​ – Graham “Skip” Brown

1. Call to Order

2 Adjustment to Agenda

3. Acknowledgment of Minutes
​A. Meeting of October 9, 2023

4. Public Input

5. New Business and invited guests
​A. Ray Allen – Sheriff’s Department for Budget Discussion
​B. Sandy Gregg- Planning Commission for Budget Discussion
​C. Discussion about Municipal Park & Ride Grant/Susan Arguin-Town Administrator
​D. Mark Naud from Conservation Commission to discuss about a Town Facebook page & each committee/commission having their own email address.

6. Reports of Officers
​A. Review written report from Zoning Administrator & Town Administrator
​​​ ​​​​​​​​​​
7. Ongoing and Old Business: ​None

8. Announcements and Communications

9. Other Business and standing agenda items
​A. Sign order(s), if necessary
B. Town Clerk/Treasurer update: if necessary
C. Recreation Commission update, if necessary
D. Road department update, if necessary
E. Review next steps for Old South Hero Meeting House, if necessary
F. Discuss ARPA funds, if necessary
G. Review Wastewater Committee updates, if necessary
H. Review Town Office feasibility move committee updates, if necessary
I. Executive Session for real estate matters
11. Adjournment