October 13, 2021 DRB Minutes



Members Present: Tim Maxham (Chair); Doug Patterson (Vice-Chair); Liza Kilcoyne; Gareth Hunt; Bill Rowe; Sherry Corbin (Alternate)

Public Present: Ben Frost; Erica Frost; Bob Fireovid; Martha Taylor-Varney (ZA)


7:00PM – T. Maxham called the meeting order.


Changes to the Agenda

There were none.


Public Input

There was none.


Administrative Review of a 2-Lot subdivision at 273 West Shore Rd. – Benjamin Frost – 22-13-WS273)

Introductions were made, the warning was read, and interested persons were sworn in.

The application was presented to the Board by ZA Martha Taylor-Varney. The application is for a 2-lot subdivision of a 4.12-acre lakefront parcel with a 7BR home.  Proposed Lot 1 will be 2.9 acres and will retain the home. Proposed Lot 2 is a 1.22-acre buildable lot with a State wastewater permit for a 4BR home.  Both lots will have frontage on the lake and direct access to West Shore Rd.  Lot 1 is mostly in the Shoreland zoning district, with the southwest corner (all within the setback from West Shore Rd. and the south boundary) in the Rural Residential District.  Lot 2 is entirely within the Shoreland zoning district.

The Applicant has submitted a Town Highway Access permit application for an existing curb cut on the northwest corner of Lot 2. Power to Lot 1 comes from a pole on the east side of West Shore Rd. to a pole adjacent to the existing home. There are no easements for power lines that continue from that pole to the adjacent property at WS260.There is a pole across from Lot 2 on West Shore Rd.  G. Hunt moved to waive the requirement to show utilities to the proposed home on Lot 2; L. Kilcoyne second. All in favor.

The south boundary of the parcel is the center of a 15-ft. right-of-way that access a lakefront lot southwest of Lot 1.  The east boundary of the parcel is the edge of the West Shore Rd. right-of-way. Lot 2 has a building envelope that is 25 feet from the West Shore Rd. ROW and the north and south boundaries of the lot.   The envelope is 100 feet from the mean level of the lake rather than the 75-ft. lake setback required by the Town.   The contours on the survey are 2 feet.   Table 4.1 requires 5-ft. contours.  G. Hunt moved to accept the modification from 5-ft. to 2-ft. contours; S. Corbin second.  All in favor.

  1. Patterson asked where the Note was that referenced the Dwinell survey on this plat? This will need to be added as a condition. He also wanted to see accurate distances on the south and east boundaries, rather than +/-, unless there is an explanation that is acceptable as to why it could not be accurate.  The Board also asked that there be a note added to the survey that there is no easement from the pole on Lot 1 for the power line to the adjacent Mack property.  G. Hunt moved to approve Administrative Officer’s recommendation for approval of the subdivision, with conditions.; B. Rowe second.  All in favor.  T. Maxham signed the decision for the Board.


Old Business

There was none.


Review of Minutes

  1. Kilcoyne moved to approve the minutes of September 22, 2021; D. Patterson second. All in favor.


Administrator’s Report

  1. There will a 5th Monday meeting for the Selectboard, DRB, and the Planning Commission. It will be a special Selectboard meeting.  Martha needs to confirm if the meeting will begin at 6 or at 7PM.
  2. Scheduled hearings for October 27 include:
  3. A 2-lot subdivision at 41 South St.
  4. A setback waiver request at 14 Harrington Lane.
  5. Gareth won’t be here for the 10/27 meeting/hearings. The meeting on November 10th will be a deliberative only.  There will be no meeting on November 24, 2021.



8:13PM — G. Hunt moved to adjourn; L. Kilcoyne second.  All in favor.



Respectfully submitted,

Martha Taylor-Varney, ZA



Signed: ________________________________________ Date: ________________________

For the DRB


These minutes are unofficial until approved at the next regularly scheduled meeting.  All motions were unanimous unless otherwise indicated.