November 15, 2022 Conservation Comm. Minutes


Conservation Commission Minutes
Tuesday, November 15, 2022 at 6:30 P.M.
in-person at the South Hero Town Office

Zoom Meeting

Members Present: Bob Fireovid, Cynthia Kelley, Bridget Kerr, Mark Naud, Dave Hobbs
Members Absent: Sue Straight
Guests: Jens Hilke, VT F&W; Emily Alger, South Hero Land Trust

1) Call to Order – Bridget Kerr called the meeting to order
2) Public input – No public input (Zoom meeting system would not login; Emily Alger provided SHLT link to participate)
3) Finalize Agenda – (reordered as below)
4) Presentation by Jens Hilke, VT Fish and Wildlife Conservation Planning Biologist (.pdf presentation attached) –Conservation Comm 111522 Jens Hilke Presentation Jens presented his pdf and discuss various organizational obligations and opportunities (shall v. may in VT statute)
5) Approval of Minutes from September 20, 2022 – date correction, Bob moved to accept, Cynthia 2d; unanimous approval
6) Conservation Commission Rules of Procedure & Bylaws
7) Staggered member term lengths
8) Conservation Commission meeting frequency – 6-8 meetings per year with break during summer months; next meeting Tuesday Nov. 29, 6:30p. Agenda to complete the agenda of 11/15; table agenda items 6, 7, 9, 10, and 11 until then.
9) VT State Code of Ethics
10) Environmental Reserve Fund/Budget
11) Drafting Mission Statement
12) Preparation for Next Meetings (Tuesday Nov. 29 and Tuesday, January 15)
13) Adjourn – 8:50p Mark moved, 2d Bob.