November 14, 2023 Rec Comm Minutes

Members present: Phil Scott, Rosemary Zamore, Dylan Degree, Sue Arquin, Jessica Jackson, Marion Palermo
1. Call to order 6:05
2. Adjustments to the agenda: Dylan to discuss Cheddar Up
3. Acknowledgment of previous meeting minutes: none
4. Public Q&A and Updates:
5. Discussion Items
Board seat updates and re-election: All members, except Carol, Phil agreed to chair, Dylan co-chair, Jessica Jackson, Rosemary secretary, David Lane treasurer. Looking for new members. SHRC Mission read
Action items from the November meeting Fence repair, rough estimate and what type of fence, Costs range between $85-$125 per section. The entire fence has 35 sections so cost will be $3000 – $4000 – ARPA funds have been allocated for this.
Boardwalk grant update- ARPA and Lawson’s Sip of Sunshine grant will contribute. Can ask town/local contractors to help with the project. Gravel path trail.
Robinson Trail- town will be held harmless in the easement. Apply for a grant to expand networks.
Host CPR workshop, Dylan will follow up.
Dylan to follow-up on sledding hill, no obstacles, asked Sue to talk to the selectboard and town lawyer.
Dates for Skiing, January 31, February 8, 14.
Jessica shared screen for fire rings, Jessica and Rosemary will meet at 2 pm White’s Beach on November 17.
Winter planning event?
Activity Summary Information is required by Nov 22nd for 1st draft. Email information to Phil.
Bike causeway path clearing completed (picture from Carol Tremble) – was the invoice submitted?
Swing installation at Town Beach – completed by Carol Tremble ($400 – ? submitted for reimbursement)
ARPA funding budget tracking and additional items for remaining funds (Phil and Dave)
split rail fence repair
floating dock –
dog poo bag dispenser without trash receptacle
Adirondack chairs
Awareness building of South Hero Rec Commission Activities
Facebook and Instagram social media pages
Link from Town Website
Advertising and promotion budgeting
22/23 budget close and 23/24 budget review – David Lane (Phil to start in his absence – team to develop a first draft by Dec 4th., First submission to Town Select Board by Dec 10th.)
Additional VOREC Grant $’s – developing a grant request for Town Park phase 2 (or portion of phase 2) – Phil working with Andy Julow and Nate Hayword.
SHRC Winter Activities Planning – Skiing, Snowshoeing discussed setting up an event and publicizing the availability of catamount passes. Carol volunteered to look into setting up an event (need to confirm if she still wants to do this).
6. Agenda Items for the December meeting: CPR Workshop, Winter activity
7. Adjournment 7:35