May 1, 2023 Special Meeting Minutes

Selectboard Minutes

Special Selectboard Meeting, May 1, 2023, at 7:00PM
At South Hero Town Hall and via Zoom

Board Members Present: David Carter/Chairman, Ross Brown/V. Chair, Skip Brown (via zoom).
Board Members Not Present: Chuck Hulse & Anne Zolotas
Others Present: Sandy Gregg, Tim Maxham, Martha Taylor-Varney, Michael Carroll, Michael Frett, David
Roy, Ron Phelps, Phil Scott, Bob Fireovid, Joan Falcao, Kathy Magill, Carol Tremble, Nancy Tracy (via
zoom), Don Bedard (via zoom) & Sue Arguin
1. Call to Order: The meeting was called to order by Chair, Dave Carter at 7:00PM.
2. Adjustment to Agenda: None
3. Public Input: None
4. ARPA Discussion: After much discussion and requests for funding from all this was the
breakdown and what is being posted for the Notice of the Public Hearing on May 22 nd , 2023.
Funding suggestions include $100,000 toward Phase 1 of the restoration of the Old Meeting
House (replace foundation, refurbish windows, insulation, and roof repair. There was a
request for $75,000 for initial infrastructure for a Town Park behind the Meeting House
(access drive, parking and mowing the field). $13,500 requests for the Recreation
Commission for improvements at the Town Beach and the Rec Path at Folsom. Funding
toward a crosswalk with electronic signage at Folsom (funding amount not yet determined).
$6000 for Weekend in The Islands for banners, signage, and advertising. There was a request
for $150,000 towards the Town’s Salt Shed, $50,000 toward a new ambulance and funding to
the South Hero Bicentennial Museum (funding yet to be determined).
The Town received $493,000 in ARPA funds. $50,000 has already been spent on digitizing
Town records. Approximately $394,000 remains. The purpose of this hearing is to receive and discuss
public comments on the allocation of the remaining funds.
5. Old and Ongoing Business:
a. Liquor License from South Hero Fermentation was approved and signed. Motion was
made by Ross and seconded by Skip.
6. Adjournment: At 7:57PM motion was made by Ross Brown and seconded by Skip Brown to
adjourn the meeting.

Respectfully submitted,                                  Approved by
___________________________ ___________________________
Susan Arguin, Town Administrator            David Carter, Chair