March 19 , 2024 Cons. Comm. Minutes

March 19, 2024 Conservation Commission Minutes
Conservation Commission Meeting
Tuesday, March 19, 2024, at 6:30 P.M.

Held at the South Hero Town Offices and via Zoom

Meeting Minutes

Members present: Cynthia Kelley, Bridget Kerr, Cristin Lemieux Pullis
Verified that with 3 members present, we do have a quorum.
Public Attendees: None

1) Call to Order- Bridget called the meeting to order at 6:35 PM.
2) Public Input (items not on the agenda) – None.
3) Finalize the Agenda – as written
4) VACC Tiny Grant and Spark Grant
Bridget mentioned that we do need to apply for a Tiny Grant to supplement our budget. The Spark Grant, another grant option, is due in 2 weeks. We think the Spark Grant is something that we are interested in, but we feel we do not have the time in 2 weeks to complete the requirements of this grant. We will consider the Spark Grant next year.

Bridget prepared the grant application for the Tiny Grant. The money for this grant will be used for the Kestrel project that we are working on with VINS. Two sites have been chosen for the first 2 kestrel nestboxes, which will be given to us by VINS. Bridget met with Chuck Hulse and he suggested to place one at Bob Fireovid’s house and one at Island Acres (Steve Robinson). We will need pictures from the kestrel house erecting event. When the date is known, Bridget will invite the Conservation Commission members. Chuck Hulse, who has seen a number of kestrels in South Hero, thinks that a total of 5-6 nesting boxes will be needed in South Hero.

Sunday, August 4 will be the community kestrel information event at the library sponsored by the South Hero Conservation Commission. We may need to do this event indoors because VINS has requested a quiet place away from sudden noises. The Island Racing, Route 2 traffic and potentially the fire house could be too noisy for the visiting kestrels.
We have a new email and will use this email on the grant application:
[email protected]
5) Discuss Green Up Day Plans – Cristin and Bridget met with Guy at South Hero Land Trust to learn how to run Green Up Day. Guy shared the volunteer data and information about bag pick-up. Cristin will contact the Selectboard to get the request for a dumpster placed on the agenda. Cynthia will attend the Selectboard Meeting on Monday, March 25, 2024 if the Selectboard says it would be advisable to attend to ask for the funds for the dumpster. The Selectboard pays for the dumpster every year, but a request must be made.

Jenna from SHLT will print a flyer. She does need to know how the bags will be distributed before she can proceed with the flyer. Bag distribution – would like to have a sign-up table to introduce ourselves as the Conservation Commission. Would be good if we could put the dumpster at the school so we could do the sign-ups, bag distribution and the after-activity picnic in the same place.
6) Updates on VINS Kestrel project – already discussed
7) March 27 VT Conservation Strategy Initiative Stakeholder Focus Group – Bridget has signed up for this online event on Act 59, 30X30.
8) CC Facebook and Membership Effort – tabled until next meeting. Cristin continues to work on the logo.
9) Approve 2/20/24 Minutes – Cristin motioned to approve, Cynthia seconded, unanimously approved.
10) Adjourn – Cristin motioned to adjourn, Cynthia seconded, unanimously approved.
Meeting adjourned at 8:05 PM 3/19/24