June 8, 2022 DRB Minutes



Members Present some via Zoom:   Tim Maxham (Chair), Doug Patterson (Vice Chair), Mike Welch, Liza Kilcoyne, Nate Hayward, Gareth Hunt and James Brightwell, Ellie


Others Present some via Zoom: Martha Taylor-Varney, Zoning Admin, Susan Arguin, Clerk, Dean Henry, Kyle & Donna LeBlanc & Jen Desatell from LPD Holdings…


7:00 PM – Meeting called to order by Tim Maxham.


Changes to Agenda – There were none.


Public Input – There was none.


Amend Subdivision Plat for 129 Ferry Rd.- Dean & Kathy Henry (22-75-FR129): Martha read the official warning and Dean Henry was sworn in by the Chair.  Vtrans required that the curb cut for Lots 1-6 to be moved 30 feet west from the original plan, approved in March 2022.  The new location encompassed the existing driveway access to Lot 1, originally planned to be discontinued.   The 15-ft. setback to the garage is still compliant to the adjusted right-of-way. Chair Tim Maxham closed the hearing.


Continue Final Site Plan Review for LPD Holdings for redevelopment of the Sand Bar Inn property at 59 US Rte 2 (22-44-RT059):  Jennifer Desautels, PE, of TCE Engineering presented to the board about what they were submitting tonight in direction from the board.

  1. A letter from the South Hero Fire Department regarding fire trucks and emergency vehicles indicated that its concerns had been addressed.
  2. The Applicants submitted an updated lighting plan, including adding more lights near the entrance, the monument sign, and the back of the parking lot.
  3. The sign monument was added to the plan.  This will be far enough off the road to prevent blocking any sight lines.
  4. The site plan added split rail fencing between the storm water runoff areas and the parking lot.
  5. Curb stops were added between the parking spaces and the sidewalk to the restaurant.
  6. A traffic memo by Lamoureax and Dickinson listed the Vtrans guidelines that must be met to install a crosswalk.  It was found that the minimum number of people crossing the road per hour did not meet the requirement (20 people/hr.) for installing a crosswalk and found it unlikely that Vtrans would agree to install a crosswalk. Liza Kilcoyne stated that the Town needs to be involved in the sidewalk issue.
  7. There are 14 spaces designated for the marina that were agreed upon by the previous and current owners of the property.  No designated areas for these spaces are planned at this time.
  8. The relocated cottage will remain 30’X39’.  There will be a small side deck attached; parking will be along that deck.
  9. Landscaping or fencing for dumpster screening? Doug Patterson wanted to see propane tank location and utilities shown on plat to go along with our Regulations’ requirements. Ms. Desautels explained that the final location of the utility lines had not been determined yet and depended on where the power company directs that they go.  Can this be a condition?
  10. Doug Patterson requested a construction sequence and schedule.


Chair Tim Maxham closed the hearing.



Review of Minutes: Doug Patterson  moved to accept minutes, as amended; Nate Hayward  second.  All in Favor.


Administrator’s Report:

  1. ZA Martha Taylor Varney said our next meeting on June 22nd will have 2 hearings.
  2. There are no hearings scheduled for the month of July as of now.
  3. She has received the PowerPoint from the webinar regarding Cannibis Regulations, if anyone is interested in viewing it.
  4. Gareth Hunt will not be attending the June 22nd meeting.


Adjournment: Gareth Hunt moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:23PM and move to deliberative; Liza Kilcoyne second.  All in favor.



Respectfully submitted,

Susan Arguin/DRB Clerk



For the Development Review Board


These minutes are unofficial until approved at the next regularly scheduled meeting.  All motions were unanimous unless otherwise indicated.