January 22, 2024 Wastewater Minutes

Minutes of South Hero Wastewater Committee

January 22, 2024

Present: Greta Brunswick, Peter Zamore, George Harwood, Robert Krebs, Robert Buermann,
Robert Clark, Sara Gratz.
Member of the public Robert Fireovid
The meeting was called to order by the chair, Peter Zamore at 4:30 pm Peter reviewed his
activities on behalf of the committee since the last meeting.
The minutes of the previous meeting were accepted.
Robert Clark then reviewed his 60% report noting that he had been speaking with Ray Allen.
The west side of route 2 at Allenholm seems to be the best placement,.  We will have to negotiate
with the land trust if we choose that area as the site for the wastewater infrastructure.
Robert Clark then outlined the needs for  a public information session,  He will have to produce
and edit a film strip and Power Point presentation.
The meeting was subsequently concluded.

Respectfully Submitted,
George Harwood, Clerk