January 17, 2023 Cons. Comm. Minutes

Conservation Commission
Tuesday, January 17 at 6:30 P.M.
Meeting Minutes

Members present: Bob Fireovid, Cynthia Kelley, Bridget Kerr, Mark Naud, Sue Straight
Members absent: Dave Hobbs
Public guests: Emily Alger, SHLT
Call to Order – Bridget called the meeting to order at 6:35p and welcomed everyone.
Public Input (items not on the agenda) – No public comment or other input.
Finalize the Agenda – No modifications to the agenda.
Community Values Mapping Event – Bridget discussed her conversation with Jens Hilke from VT
ANR and his colleague Lincoln regarding the proposed event date. They have suggested two
dates – May 2d in-person, along with a ZOOM/hybrid event two weeks later. Bridget shared a
draft timeline for preparation and implementation of the event. Mark acknowledged the tight
timeline and whether hosting the event later in the summer might include more seasonal
residents and also improve the attendance. The May date provides the opportunity for Town
Plan input; later in the summer might preclude any input. Also, there is an opportunity to piggy-
back the event and its preliminary data at the Planning Commission Community Cheers and
Cheese event later. Bridget will follow up with Jens for clarification of the timeline for next
meeting February 21, 2023.
Mission Statement – Bridget introduced a draft Mission statement for discussion. All members
participated in wordsmithing the final mission statement, recognizing it is an evolving
statement and may be amended. Members appreciated Bridget’s poetic draft. Mark moved to
approve as amended. Bob 2d. Unanimous. Bridget will consider a secondary statement on
implementation, including diversity considerations…a “how we do this” declaration, of sorts.
The mission of the South Hero Conservation Commission is to help
preserve the town’s natural beauty and rural character by promoting a
better understanding and appreciation for the natural, scenic,
recreational, historic, educational, cultural, architectural, woodland,
agricultural, and archeological resources, and by collaborating with the
public and town officials to value and manage these resources for the
benefit of current and future generations.

Recruitment – Suggestions were to post in FPF and the Islander. Bridget agreed to share a draft
of her recruitment appeal.
Confirm Staggered Term Lengths – The Commission Members approved the staggered terms as
Bridget Kerr, Chairperson (Term expires 9/2026)
Cynthia Kelley, Vice-Chairperson (Term expires 9/2025)

Mark Naud, Clerk (Term expires 9/2025)
Bob Fireovid, Treasurer (Term expires 9/2026)
Dave Hobbs (Term expires 9/2024)
Sue Straight  (Term expires 9/2024)
Approval of Minutes from December 20 meeting – Mark moved and Sue 2d approval of the
draft minutes as amended. Unanimous.
Preparation for Next Meeting – February 21, 2023, possibly ZOOM only depending on Open
Meeting requirements with continued Covid exposure concerns, and legislative amendments.
Adjourn – The meeting was unanimously adjourned at 8:20p.