February 7, 2022 Wastewater minutes

Present: Peter Zamore, Bob Buermann, Bob Krebs, George Harwood, Nate Hayward, Greta Brunswick

• The meeting was called to order by the chair, Peter Zamore at 4:30 pm
• Minutes of December 13, 2021 and January24, 2022 were approved.
• Pursuant to a suggestion from Greta both Otter Creek and Weston and Sampson were prequalified for the wastewater project.
• Upon motion by the chair and seconded by Robert Krebs, Otter Creek was unanimously chosen t prepare the feasibility study and engineering report.
• A discussion ensued as to whether we needed to seek approval from the select board before engaging Otter Creek, upon suggestion by Bob Buermann and upon cooler heads prevailing, we asked Peter to present the selection of Otter Creek to the selectboard for their approval.
• We next reviewed and discussed the facilitation and assistance contract with NRPC.
• Greta offered that it was the same contract that we had previously approved except that it contained provisions for NRPC to obtain insurance for the project. With that addition the acceptance of the contract was moved by Bob Buermann and seconded by Bob Krebs. The contract was unanimously approved and we asked Peter to present it to the select board for their approval.
• Greta indicated that she would produce a website for the project which would be linked to the town of South Hero website.
• A prospective new member, Nate Hayward introduced himself and upon motion by Bob Krebs and seconded by George Harwood Nate was suggested as a new member of the committee.
• Nate was unanimously approved as a member and Peter was asked to present the addition of Nate Hayward as a member of the committee to the select board.
• The next meeting was set for February 28, 2022 and the meeting was adjourned.