February 21, 2024 WW Minutes

Town of South Hero
Wastewater Committee

Minutes of a Meeting on February 21, 2024

Present: committee members: Peter Zamore, Bob Buermann, Bob Krebs George
Harwood; NRPC: Greta Brunswick, Emily Hackett; Town Administrator: Sue Arquin;
Member of the Public: Robert Fireovid
The meeting was called to order by the chair at 4:30 pm and the minutes of the January
24, 2024, were approved.
Peter reminded everyone about the public presentation on Tuesday February 27.
The chair designated the participants in the presentation as follows: Bob Buerman, Host
and Facilitator; Greta Brunswick, the Benefits of the wastewater, project; Robert Clark,
Engineering and 60% Completion Report and Emily Hackett, Funding considerations.
Sue Arquin indicated that she was pursuing funding possibilities including a renewed
application for a Northern Borders grant. She stated that she gave priority for funding to
the White Meeting House project because she felt that it would be more successful if
there was only one project application for South Hero and that negotiations with the
Land Trust for a placement area might stall the wastewater project.
Bob Buermann related that negotiations with the Land Trust continue and that there
may be a possibility of obtaining 3 acres out of the 5 required on the Allenholm property.
The meeting was adjourned at 5:38 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

George Harwood, Clerk