February 21, 2023 WW Minutes

MINUTES OF A MEETING ON February 21,2023
Present: Committee Members: Peter Zamore, Chair; George Harwood, Clerk; Bob Buermann; Bob Krebs; Nate Hayward; Emily Hackett NWRPC; Robert Clark, Otter Creek;- Members of the Public Robert Firevoid

• The chair called the meeting to order at 4:30 PM
• The minutes of the previous meeting were approved with changes.
• Peter and Robert reviewed the actions of the committee subsequent to the last meeting. Among the most notable activities were as follows:
• The eleven possible test pit sites were reviewed.
• The test pit permission letters were distributed to the owners of the identified test pit sites on or before November 22,2022.
• Among those who have responded to the letter and have tentatively agreed to test pits were Davis Hill, David Wendell Property, Island Acres and Allenholm Farm.
• Robert reported that the digging of the test pits will not begin until the ground thaws in the spring in order to accommodate soils tests and archeological review. He also noted that the most promising sites seemed to be Allenholm Farm, and the Wendell property, identifying Island Acres and the Davis Hill property as a “second tier” possibility.
• It was also noted that we should contact Camp Takumta regarding test pits, and that portions of Island Acres and Allenholm were subject to conservation easements that would require amendments to permit wastewater systems on the properties.
• Robert noted that the 60% report should include the estimated cost of wastewater systems, design options, and wastewater capacities available, possibly using a cost per gallon analysis, as suggested by Bob Krebs.
• It was suggested that we, at least, do research on the definition of our goals, cost responsibility for the system and options for priority of user entitlements.
• The committee discussed the necessity and sequence for landowner negotiations, public outreach, financing, wastewater system design, plans for ownership and operation of the systems, user priorities, and state permit approval.
• Peter inquired as to other town’s experience with this program. Various towns were identified and will be contacted.
It was noted that Robert will be filing the annual priority list application and that construction must be complete by August 2026.

Respectfully Submitted: George Harwood, Clerk