April 14, 2022 Trails Subcommittee Minutes

Trails Subcommittee
4/14/22, 6:30pm
In attendance: Karen Browning, Peter Zamore, Bridget Kerr, Jack Brooks, Pogo Senior, Peter O’Malley, Guy Maguire, Linda Burger, David Hobbs, Erin Morse
Pertinent docs can be found here:

1) Review of last minutes, all in favor.

2) Some news about potentially connecting the Island Line bike trail from Martin Rd to W Shore Rd
Peter Zamore spoke to Karen Jacos with regard to Corbin gap.They were not comfortable having that conversation and thought the town should and address it in the next revision to the town plan. Land on Martin is class 4 wetland which would need permitting and work. Also Roy Marsh trail may be an issue with Fish and Wildlife. They may not want the traffic.
Karen Browning suggested the Rec Commission include this as a suggestion to the Planning Commission. Bridget Kerr made a motion to approach the Selectboard about their potential support in purchasing property from the Corbin’s to extend the Island Line Trail to West Shore Road. Jack seconded, all in favor.

3) Other Trail matters
a) Robinson Farm Trail
a) Guy shared documents regarding a trail agreement between the owners and the Town of South Hero granting the town of South Hero to grant a public access trail. Guy asked for any feedback agreement draft:
b) Paperwork needs to be completed with VELCO and Guy has spoken to the State Wetlands specialist to make sure there is no impact to the wetland area. After this, the DRB will need to be approached regarding parking, etc. Dave will be contacting Fish and Wildlife about parking.
c) Dave, Steve Robinson and Guy are going on a walk with Cara Montgomery from Vermont Land Trust, who holds an easement on the Robinson land. Cara gave preliminary approval to the trail with some minor adjustments to the route to avoid some sensitive wetlands, and VLT would also like to be added as a co-signatory on the trail agreement between the town and the landowners.
b) Trails survey that SHLT did last month – this will be presented at the next meeting
c) VOREC grant approved
d) Upcoming “Trail Walks”. Dave suggested a Warbler Walk on Roy Marsh Trail. Chuck is doing a spring wild flower walk in May. Information can be found on the SHLT website.

4) South Hero Walkability/Bikability
a) Strong general interest in safe routes to school as well as nonmotorized travel about town in the interest of safety and healthy physical activity
b) Ad Hoc Group, INCLUDING PTO, is strongly supportive of walkable/bikeable/triple-purpose (bike, walk, handicap mobile) access to and around planned new Community Park and transportation to and from school.
c) Jack made a motion to support creation of a school zone. Seconded by Pogo, all in favor.
e) Bridget made a motion to support a crosswalk from East to West on South Street near the bike rack at the school. Jack seconded, all in favor.

Meeting adjourned at 7:32pm.