March 6, 2024 PC Agenda

6PM on Wednesday, March 6,2024

Town Office
This meeting has a Zoom option.

For 1st Wednesday of the month, this is the sign-in: 819 7453 3374 –

Use Passcode 462948

Assign Minute Taker
Changes to the Agenda
Public Comment on anything not already on the Agenda – 15 minutes
Old Business:
Continue discussion on “Performance Standards”
Continue discussion on Definition: “Marine Storage & Repair” – clarify boat storage
New Business:
A. Discussion about EV Charging Stations
5. Approve Meeting Minutes from regular PC meeting Feb 21,2024
6. Administrator’s Report 10+ minutes
7. Announcements
a. Meeting House – Update if any
b. Town Office Committee – Update if any
c. Sidewalk Mapping Project: Report from Kyle Grenier – NRPC, if any
d. Housing Inventory update if any
e. Weekend In The Islands – update if any
8. Next Meeting – March 20,2024
9. Adjournment