March 25, 2024 OSHMH Minutes

Town of South Hero

Meeting House – Preserve & Revitalize Project – Edited Notes

Date: MONDAY, Mar 25, 2024
Time: 3:00 PM In person at Town Office or via Zoom
Attendees: David Carter-Chair, Michael Carroll, Pamela Surprenant, Mary Harwood, Beth Curtis,
Sandy Gregg. Emily Klofft-NRPC & Sarah Kjelleren by Zoom.
Absent: Terry Robinson, Linda Seavey, Carol Tremble
Public: Rebecca Arnold-Arnold & Scangas Architects
1. Called to order at 3:00 by David C.
2. Environmental Assessment (EA) Report – Impact on Grants – Emily K.-NRPC Reported:
VCDP will accept the EA report already completed by KAS. Note: It is referred to as a phase 1 EA
Report and is not to be confused with our build Phases 1,2, or 3.
Emily will set up a Zoom meeting with David C., Sandy G., Patrick Scheld-VCDP, Julia Connell-
VCDP, and herself to go over South Hero’s eligibility for the VCDP Implementation Grant and/or
the Accessibility Modifications Grant. (Report on that meeting to follow).
Rebecca A. asked if A&S should inform KAS (vendor who actually does the EA) to proceed with a
phase 2 EA that includes soil samples etc. She noted there will be a significant lag in time, up to
several months, to get this accomplished. After discussion the group was unanimous in support of
having Rebecca-A&S ask Monica at KAS for a proposal for the phase 2 EA. The committee looks
forward to this proposal as soon as possible and certainly in time for our next meeting April 15.
This phase 2 EA must be completed BEFORE Bruhn Grant bids can be opened and
BEFORE shovels hit the ground spring 2025. It is a priority!
The scope of work for the phase 2 EA must be defined. This will most likely be determined
at the meeting with VCDP, David C. etc.
Emily suggested a meeting with Sue Arguin-Town Administrator, Mary Harwood-Town Grant
Writer, and herself to go over the various grants the Town has and will apply for, their
timelines etc. Emily will advise or get more advice on whether the Town should apply for
these or other grants or pass on them.
To close out the VCDP Planning Grant the Town will hold a Public Hearing scheduled for April 8th
at 7:00 PM (after the great eclipse!).
3. Build Committee Report – Michael Carroll
The following volunteers comprise the Build Committee: Michael Carroll, Doug Patterson, Carl
Frenning, Russ Stratton, Mike Welch.
Rebecca A. reminded the Build Committee and everyone that there need to be three (3) separate
contracts with contractors the Town hires; Phase #1-Bruhn Foundation & Stabilization Contract;
Phase #2 Exterior Restoration; and Phase #3 Interior Restoration, ramp & stairs.
Sandy G. will contact Jenna L -PTVT and ask about archeological requirements if any.
Rebecca A. asked if NPS needs to review the heavy timber aspect or the restoration and if the
NPS has to approve of proposed iced prevention. Sandy G. will include these topics when
contacting Jenna L.
Rebecca A. stated that Engineering Ventures( EV), Miles at VT Heavy Timber and Rebecca all
talked and are the same page. EV will have updated drawings by April 5th.
Asbestos Abatement: when does this happen? Michael C., Rebecca A. and Miles-VTHT, will
discuss and report back. Need an estimate for this! Rebecca A. also said she would ask about
asbestos encapsulation with KAS and the State.

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Floor ares that need patching: Michael C. will take photos of these, ID them and share with
Rebecca etc.
4. Grants Update – Mary H. reported
Northern Border Regional Commission – Catalyst Program (NBRC)
Pre-Application was submitted Friday, March 15,2024. If approved South Hero would be
invited to do the full application due May 3rd, 2024. This is an Implementation (build)
Grant. SH is asking for $500,000. There is a 50% match of $250,000 required and we have
that at this time with the funds and grants already raised to date. It is a reimbursement
grant meaning SH spends the money and requests reimbursement.
Save America’s Treasures Grant – This is the Congressional Discretionary Funding through
Welch’s Office. SH is asking for $400,000. There is a 100% match required. Due date is April 8
(Eclipse Day) but our internal due date is April 3rd.
5. Fund-Raising strategy: The completed Donor Packets were distributed. Mary H. said that
Heather Carrington (the REDI Grant Grant-Writer) had great strong language about the
economic impact of the Meeting House Project and she will be including it going forward.
6. Other Business – None
7. Next Meeting – Monday, April 15,2024 at 3:00 PM at the Town Office & by Zoom.
8. Adjourned at 4:10 PM Motion by Sandy G. and second by Michael C., vote was unanimous.
Respectfully submitted by, Sandy Gregg, Scribe