March 11, 2024 OSHMH Minutes

Town of South Hero

Meeting House – Preserve & Revitalize Project – Notes

Date: MONDAY, March 11, 2024
Time: 3:00 PM In person at Town Office or via ZOOM
Attendees: David Carter-Chair, Michael Carroll, Pamela Surprenant, Mary Harwood, Rebecca
Arnold-A&S Architects, Sandy Gregg. By ZOOM: Emily Klofft-NRPC, Monica Ladago-KAS
(sub-contractor for A&S doing Environmental Assessments),
Absent: Terry Robinson, Sarah Kjelleren, Beth Curtis, Linda Seavey, Carol Tremble
Public: None
1. Called to order at 3:00 by David C.
2. Environmental Assessment Confusion
Emily K stated that she and Monica L. had had a discussion this morning.
Emily said that VCDP needs to get more involved in the Environmental Review process. To this
end Emily said she would set up a meeting with the SHMH Committee (whoever is available) and
Patrick Sheld and/or Julia-VCDP and report back to the Committee by Wednesday March 13th.
Monica L. stated her goal is to avoid the Town having the 2nf round EA also expire. Thank you,
If the Town goes for a VCDP Implementation Grant an Environmental Review will be required. At
this time there is no funding to cover this.
The VCDP Implementation Grant possibilities must be discussed with the Committee ASAP and
must be part of the meeting that Emily is scheduling. Scope of work must be defined and include
consultants costs.
The Town will discuss the situation with our Grant-Writer, Heather Carrington as she may have
experience and be able to provide some insight.
Reminder: The Town approved the KAS contract through A&S to do the Environmental Phase 1
Emily is going to request another extension with VCDP due to lag in time to get final design docs
including Engineering docs by March 31,2024 when grant needs to be closed out.
3. Donor Packet: Discussion on sample Donor Packet handed out by Sandy G. Sandy will
update where edits and comments were made and present at next meeting. If approved the
packets can be taken at that meeting on March 25th.
4. Build Committee – Michael Carroll and Doug Patterson have put together a strong group that
includes in addition to both of them: Carl Frenning, Russ Stratton and Mike Welch. This
group will be taking over tracking & matching Phase 1 Bruhn Grant tasks and billing. Also,
they will be taking the lead on contracting a General Contractor for Phase 1 and getting
Selectboard approval.
5. Mary S. Harwood-Consultant Invoice # 259, 3/11/2024 in the amount of $645.00: Motion to
approve for payment by Michael C. and seconded by Sandy G. The vote was unanimous.
David C. will hand invoice to Town Treasurer for payment.
9. Next Meeting – Monday, March 25,2024 at 3:00 PM at the Town Office & by Zoom.
10. Adjourned at 4:40 PM
Respectfully submitted by, Sandy Gregg, Scribe