January 9, 2024 Rec. Comm. Minutes

South Hero Recreation Commission Meeting

Agenda for January 9, 2024

Zoom Meeting

Topic: SHRC Monthly Zoom Meeting
Time: January 9, 2024 06:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)


1. Call to order 6:03

2. Adjustments to the agenda-

3. Acknowledgment of previous meeting minutes – no quorum for December meeting

4. Public Q&A and Updates

5. Discussion Items

Board seat updates

Treasurer nominations- Jessica Jackson. Voted and approved. All invoices for reimbursements go to Jessica from today on.

Action items from the November meeting

Trail updates – Guy. SH Land Trust will maintain trails. Funds open in 2026.

VOREC Grant Submission – Phil will look into expected response timeline

SHRC Activity Summary submitted

24/25 budget submitted. Phil will send a tracking spreadsheet to Jessica. She will get info from David Lane and Kim Julow.

SHRC New Winter Activities – Planning and volunteers for setting up an event and publicizing the availability of Catamount passes. Phil will check how many passes remain and order more if necessary for February 24 South Hero Day at Catamount.

Sue to discuss the subject of the best method for awareness building of South Hero Rec Commission Activities. All members will join facebook and other social media sites to spread word regarding town events.

Facebook and Instagram social media pages

Link from Town Website

Front Porch Forum

Sweeney Farm Road and off-street parking to support – follow-up with Jeff Sikora and Peter Johnson. Sue will talk to Ross Brown about plowing roadside and ask about legal disclaimer. Phil will invite Peter Johnson to our next meeting.

24/25 budget submitted to Town Select Board at Dec meeting

Ski program updates – Dylan, January 31, February 8 and 14. Jessica will coordinate with Eric Hammond, the ski coordinator.

Trails sub-committee – need volunteers for a subcommittee. Guy will coordinate springtime cleanup, trail maintenance and social activities for SHRPC.

Miscellaneous. Phil will invite Nate Hayward to come to a meeting in March or April.

6. Agenda Items for the February meeting. Cheddar up from Dylan. Fire rings.

7. Summary of action items from this meeting

8. Adjournment 7:02

Links from Guy