February 12, 2024 OSHMH Agenda

Town of South Hero
Meeting House – Preserve & Revitalize Project

Date: MONDAY, February 12,2024
Time: 3:00 PM In person Town Office or via ZOOM – to join via Join Zoom:
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​Meeting ID: 831 8890 8974
​Passcode: 876384

Meeting Agenda

1. Call to Order

2. VCDP Panning Grant Update: Emily Klofft
• Plan to close out this planning grant by March 30,2024.
• Need written tasks yet to complete with person assigned and time-frame.
• Identify amount left in grant. Report from Town Treasurer – Kim Julow
• What happens if Town does not spend grant amount?

3. Status of this Committee:
• Discuss if we have met our task.
• Discuss next steps: A. Does the Town need to form a build Committee, hire a General
• Conclusions and/or recommendations to the SB

4. PHASE 1 Etc.
• Status – A&S – Rebecca Arnold
• ACTION NEEDED: KAS Proposal for Environmental Site Assessment Tier 1 Vapor Encroachment Survey & Environmental Review. Do we give approval go-ahead now and if so how long is the report good for? Or, can we pre-pay KAS and have actual Assessment & Review be done later…Fall 2024? In other words what is the proper timing to get this done and paid for?
• Timeline Discussion – Work to begin Spring 2025 at the latest
• RFP – Discuss strategy and timing
• Adding a Phase 3 to include removing new smaller addition on the back. Adding slightly larger addition on the back for elevator/stairs, bathrooms, and kitchenette.

5. Grants & PR Update: Mary Harwood
• Donor Packet: Needs updating. What to include? Working group is needed.

6. Public Comment & Announcements

7. Next Meeting – set date/time

8. Adjourn