White’s Beach is presently open

(Be aware of flood debris and possible pollutants in the water)


White’s Beach ordinance warning:  Whites beach warning


The Non-resident beach parking lottery has closed.

Check back in April to sign up for 2024.


Resident beach parking permits will be available Monday 5/1/23.

They will cost $5 each, limit 2 per household.

Permits are required from Memorial weekend to September 30th.

Beach Rules

  1. Be kind and courteous to the beach attendant and your neighbors.
  2. Park only in the designated parking places.
  3. No firearms.
  4. No glass bottles or containers on the beach or in the grassed area.
  5. No dogs in the “no dog” area (which includes the grassed/fenced area and corresponding beach and swim area.)
  6. Dog debris must be removed and disposed of properly.
  7. All garbage must be removed by users.
  8. No overnight camping.