August 8, 2022 WW Minutes

By Zoom
Present: Committee Members, Peter Zamore, Chair; George Harwood, Clerk; Bob Buermann; Bob Krebs. NRPC, Greta Brunswick and Dea Devlin. Vermont DEC, Lynnette Claudon and Emily Hackett. Otter Creek Engineering, Robert Clark. Public, Bob Fireovid.
On motion of Bob Krebs, seconded by George Harwood, the minutes of the June 13 and June 20, 2022 meetings were approved.
Lynnette Claudon introduced Emily Hackett, who will be taking over from Lynnette on behalf of the Vermont DEC. Lynnette and Robert Clark described the status of the committee’s request for state funding. The state has approved the request for a reimbursable loan for $48,020, as part of a larger loan of up to $125,000 relating to a preliminary feasibility study. The request is currently being reviewed by the underwriters, a process that may take 1-2 months. Lynnette also indicated that the FY 2022 draft Intended Use Plan also includes tentatively allocated funds for up to a $125,000 reimbursable loan for a preliminary wastewater system design and permitting analysis, and up to a $1.5 million 90% subsidized loan for construction, if the project proceeds that far.
Robert Clark then reviewed the first stage of the draft wastewater feasibility study (30% report) previously circulated to the committee. He reviewed the various sections of the report, including background, study area, study goals, regulatory requirements, community engagement and existing conditions in the South Hero and Keeler Bay villages. He also described further analysis needed to identify the potential need for additional wastewater capacity and potential suitable soils for wastewater disposal. He also discussed the responses to the survey sent to landowners in the villages. He suggested that the committee hold a public hearing when the study is more complete. The committee agreed to send further comments on the draft study to Peter, who will forward them to Robert.
Respectfully Submitted

Peter Zamore, Chair