April 26, 2023 DRB Minutes

SOUTH HERO DEVELOPMENT REVIEW BOARD MINUTES                            April 26, 2023


Members Present: Tim Maxham (Chair); Doug Patterson (Vice-Chair); Jim Brightwell, Liza Kilcoyne; Mike Welch; Ellie Reid (Alternate – via Zoom).

Others Present: Sani Pasagic; Tony Kay; Alex Zolotas; Martha Taylor-Varney (ZA).


7:00PM – T. Maxham opened the meeting.  The Board was introduced, and the agenda read.


Changes to the Agenda

  1. Maxham added the Island Time final site plan to the agenda as item 4, to be opened and recessed.


Public Input

Sani Pasagic asked about his water bill and was referred to Fire District #4 since water is not a municipal service.


Re-open Site Plan review for Pan’s Pizza (Sani Pasagic) – 23-48-RT326

  1. Maxham re-opened the hearing from April 12, 2023. Sani Pasagic and Alex Zolotas introduced themselves and were sworn in. Mr. Pasagic t old the Board that a bicycle rack was added to the site plan in the back of the building, adjoining property owners were added to the plan in addition to locations of lighting and signage.  Metal stock tanks will delineate the boundary of the outdoor seating in front of the restaurant and will include signage for parking.   The HC parking space will be the proper ADA width.  The walkway between the expanded restaurant and Arbor Farm Market will be well lit and include signage directing people from the back parking area to the entrances to the businesses in front.
  2. Maxham suggested that the front parking spots be reserved for take-out only. Eat-in parking should be in the back. Will there be a need for more customer and employee parking in the back?  Is the number of lights enough?  Alex Zolotas stated that more lights can be added – one on the northeast corner of Arbor Farm Market?  What are the dimensions of the outdoor patio?  10’x40’.  The size of the new restaurant area will be 60’x30’ (includes the deck).
  3. Welch asked about parking for the other businesses in the adjoining buildings. Could a parking space for Attorney Matt Little be in the back to free up an available space for a client in front? Will the outdoor tables be removed in the winter? The Applicants agreed.  The tables and border troughs will be removed to allow for plowing in the winter.  That seating will be indoors when the outdoor tables are removed.

The Board asked that the site plan be updated to include the date of preparation, additional lighting for the back parking area, dumpster location, and additional parking in the back.

  1. Brightwell moved to accept waivers from showing setbacks, architectural elevations, utilities, and traffic analysis; M. Welch second. All in favor.

7:36 PM – T. Maxham closed the hearing.

Continue Final Site Plan Review for an 18-Hole Miniature Golf Course on Lot #2, 275 US RT 2– Island Time/Meghan Kohlmeyer (23-46-RT275)

7:40PM — T. Maxham re-opened the hearing.

  1. Welch moved to recess to May 24, 2023; L. Kilcoyne second. All in favor.


New Business

There was none.


Review of April 12, 2023 Minutes

  1. Brightwell moved to approve the minutes of April 12, 2023, with corrections (spelling); D. Patterson second. All in favor.


Administrators Report

  1. Schedule: May 10 DRB meeting will have 2 setback waiver hearings. May 24 – continuation of Island Time final site plan, Lavin subdivision amendment; June 14 – final plat review for Gammal 3-lot subdivision.
  2. Zoning 101 will begin on Thursday, April 27 at 6PM. The classes will continue on the last Thursday of each month for the next several months.



7:52 PM – L. Kilcoyne moved to adjourn; M. Welch second.  All in favor.


Respectfully submitted,

Martha Taylor-Varney, ZA



Signed: _________________________________ Date: __________________

For the DRB


These minutes are unofficial until the next regularly scheduled meeting.  All motions were unanimous unless otherwise indicated.