April 15, 2024 OSHMH Minutes

Town of South Hero

Meeting House – Preserve & Revitalize Project – Edited Notes

Date: MONDAY, April 15, 2024
Time: 3:00 PM In person at Town Office or via Zoom
Attendees: David Carter-Chair, Michael Carroll, Pamela Surprenant, Mary Harwood, Terry
Robinson, Beth Curtis, Sandy Gregg. Emily Klofft-NRPC & Sarah Kjelleren by Zoom.
Absent: Linda Seavey, Carol Tremble
Public: Rebecca Arnold-Arnold & Scangas Architects
Called to order at 3:00 by David C.
1. Environmental Assessment (EA) Report – Impact – Emily K.-NRPC Reported:
To get access to future access modification grant the Environmental Review ( ER) must be
Expecting an email report from Jenna Lapachinski with results of meeting with Elizabeth Peebles-
Division for Historic Preservation, and VCDP. This email will determine final scope of ER. After
general discussion there was general agreement to go with scope of Phases #1 & #2 as
presented by A&S to the NPS for review.
KAS Estimate for ER – Rebecca A. reported the estimate along with copies as hand-outs. This
may need to be revised yet again if the scope goes back to original scope. After general
discussion it was decided that Rebecca A. will hold off confirming the estimate with KAS until the
final scope is decided as a result of Jenna L.’s email.
Schedule for KAS to do the ER is May-June.
Motion by David C. for A&S to wait until confirmation by Jenna L. on scope of ER then A&S will
notify KAS to do the proper revised estimate based on scope of Build Phases #1 & #2 (small
addition). Second by Michael C., vote was unanimous.
2. A&S Report on Status & Due Date of Architect Docs for Build Phases #1 & #2:
Due end of June.
Rebecca A. handed out a 2-page document (dated 3/25/24 and received 4/15/24) describing work
components for Contract #1, Contract #2, Contract #3.
3. Archeological Report: From Jenna L. “Regarding your questions about the archeological
review, the Town (or maybe Arnold and Scangas on behalf of the Town) would be
responsible for hiring a consultant to complete that report. It will also benefit the Bruhn
review, as the NPS reviewer has already asked me to send her plans for ground
disturbance. However, the plans I have do not show the proposed addition. An NPS
archeologist will still need to review the ground disturbance, but the VCDP report will make
it much easier.”
Some discussion resulted in general agreement the Town can take this one. Linda Seavey is
experienced in this process. The Committee would like her to proceed with making contact with
UVM and getting an appointment to do a site visit, estimate etc. Scope of work is Phase #1 and
Phase #2 (with small addition: ramp and exterior 2nd Floor second means of egress staircase).
Linda, please confirm you are still willing to do this.
4. Asbestos Abatement:
General discussion included a general contractor may have a contact to do this, or the Town can
take it on. Timing of the abatement needs to be scheduled. Abatement must happen before
building is moved.

5. Build Committee Report: MichaelC. No report at this time.
6. Grants Status: Mary H. reported
• NBRC (Northern Borders Regional Commission) Catalyst Grant full application is due
May 3rd. The Town’s REDI Grant-writer, Heather Carrington, is scheduled to have it ready by
May 1st. Heather compiled a “To Do List” and Sue A., Mary H., and Sandy G. are following
through with their assigned items.
• Andy Julow was identified to be the NBRG Catalysts Grant Local Development District
Contact (LDD). Sandy G. will notify him.
• Volunteer hours: Mary needs your estimated volunteer hours to date and the number of
hours you anticipate volunteering until the project end. Look for an email from Mary
regarding this.
7. Fund-Raising Updates
• More Donor Packets were handed out and Sandy G. will make up more.
• Banner: Sarah K. will be contacted by Sandy G. to ge ton this ASAP! Target Date to hang is
May 25th!
8. Other Business – None
9. Next Meeting – Monday, May 13,2024 at 3:00 PM at the Town Office & by Zoom.
10. Adjourned at 4:15 PM Motion by Sandy G. and second by Michael C., vote was unanimous.
Respectfully submitted by, Sandy Gregg, Scribe